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Sandeman 10 year old Tawny port is produced by the traditional port wine method. The grapes are sourced from the Douro valley in Portugal, where they are hand picked and undergo stalk-removal and crushing before fermentation. This all occurs under controlled temperatures with skin maceration used to extract the best components for the port. Wine alcohol is added and must be at the exact moment to give a perfect balance between the wine’s body and the bouquet. This crucial moment is only chosen by the winemaker following strict control of the fermentation temperatures and densities.

When it comes to the maturation of the port, the harvested wines remain in the Douro Valley until the following spring, when they are take off to V.N.Gaia and enter sandman’s century old lodges for ageing in oak wood casks. The wines selected to be used in Sandeman’s ports are carefully tasted and analysed before being added to the 10 year old Tawny. The final blend is the result from a selection of wines, aged between 9-12 years old and composed to maintain the consistency and character of this port.

The colour of the Sandeman 10 year old Tawny is an intense deep red, with shades of dark amber. On the nose it is complex, combining ripe fruit, jam and nuts with hints of vanilla and raisins which all contribute to a flavoursome wine, full-bodied and appealing with a persistent finish.

The Sandeman 10 year old is delicious when served slightly chilled and a surprising accompaniment to a rich appetizer or blue cheese. It is also a great match with desserts such as ice-cream, pudding with fig, nuts and raisins.

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Sandeman 10yo Tawny Port 70cl