Zonin Amarone Della Valpolicella 2013

Fine Veronese wine made with grapes that have previously undergone appassimento, the classic and traditional partial drying (raisining) of grapes in special lofts: after a late harvest, the grapes are partially dried, followed by slow fermentation and skilful, lengthy ageing. Sanguine ruby-red in colour, dark and sombre at its core, it expresses generous red fruit but without excess or exuberance, especially plum and woodland berries, alongside a measured savoury note. All-enveloping, it has a hint of heady alcohol on the end. The palate is soft with firm but velvety tannins, a three-dimensional body with a long and lingering finish that emphasizes the sweetness of the fruit and the wine’s expressive power without detriment to pleasure or finesse. A majestic pairing with rich meats, especially furred game but also Good with extra-mature cheeses.


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