Number 3 London Dry Gin 70cl

Berry Bros. and Rudd Spirits Ltd is delighted to announce the eagerly-anticipated release of No.3 London Dry Gin. With juniper at its heart, no.3 unashamedly celebrates the integrity and character of traditional London Dry Gin, featuring just six perfectly-balanced botanicals three fruits and three spices distilled in traditional copper pot stills. Juniper, from Italy, gives the unmistakable gin taste of pine and lavender. Sweet Spanish Orange peel gives provides freshness in the form of clean, crisp citrus. Angelica root adds an earthy quality and helps to make the gin dry. Moroccan Coriander seed releases a lemon flavour during distilling as well as adding a spicy, slightly peppery finish. Grapefruit peel to gives an extra lift of citrus. Cardamom pods add a spicy, aromatic, yet warm bite. Tasting notes: Nose: Bright, crisp and fresh with an uplifting welcome of juniper. Palate: Juniper to the fore, supported by floral, summery notes and spicy, warm flavours of cardamom. There is plenty of citrus zing; grapefruit and sweet orange contribute a sharp fruitiness, complemented by the soft gingery spiciness of coriander. Finish: The earthy dryness of angelica kicks in.


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