Nikka Taketsuru Non Age 70cl

The Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt series was released in honour of the founding father of Japanese whisky and the Nikka Whisky Co – Masataka Taketsuru. A true visionary and pioneer of the whisky industry in Japan, he learned his trade working in Scottish whisky distilleries in the early part of the 20th Century before returning to Japan in 1920 to put the skills he had learned into practice. He opened his first distillery Yoichi in 1934 and his second, Miyagikyo, in 1969.

Each expression in the Taketsuru series is a precise blend of malt whiskies, combining the strong, peaty character of the Yoichi malts with the elegance and fruitiness of malts produced at the Miyagikyo distillery. As the flagship Nikka blend in Japan, the Taketsuru series is composed of only the finest quality malts from each distillery, befitting of the founding father of the business. Taketsuru would no doubt be very proud to know that the whiskies that bear his name have gained a large following in Europe, the land where his story began.


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