Johnnie Walker King George V Whisky 70cl

John Walker & Sons King George V Edition

Inspired by King George V. Everything about this rare whisky blend portrays its regal inspiration. This is a refined Scotch Whisky, inspired by King George V, his progressive leadership and his distinguished naval career. Blended using whiskies only from distilleries in existence during the reign of King George V – this luxury Scotch Whisky pays tribute to his great achievements and is for those who today share his spirit.

Expertly Crafted Flavour

John Walker & Sons King George V Edition is part of the John Walker & Sons Collection of luxury blends – the prestige collection of whiskies from Johnnie Walker. It is crafted using some of the rarest whiskies from the four corners of Scotland including award-winning single malts drawn from precious casks of Port Ellen. Described by John Walker & Sons Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, as “an exquisite and quite exceptional whisky” this elegant blend is presented in a new and contemporary fashion which recalls the era in which King George V granted the Royal Warrant to John Walker & Sons.

Nose: Profound smoky initial aroma followed by sweet, fresh fruit (apples, pears, bananas) malt characteristics; developing into rich dried fruit/spicy complexity (raisins, figs, cinnamon).

Palate: Smooth with a rich, fruity sweetness. Warming with subtle flavours of sandalwood and smoke.

Taste: Powerful, complex, rich and smooth.

Finish: Mouth warming and lingering rich peaty finish.

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