Amicone Rosso Veneto 2012 75cl


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Amicone is obtained from a unique blend of selected red grapes cultivated in Veneto region, which is next to the famous region where Amarone originates. Some of these grapes are deliberately over ripened in the vineyards, and they are then followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Once the final blend has been obtained, it goes into a slow maturation process.

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Volume 7500ml
Serving Recommendation Serve at room temperature
Country of origin Italy
Alcohol Content 14.5 % Vol
Brand Amicone
Type Red Wine
Vintage 2015
Dominant Varietal Corvina
Taste Chocolate
Region Produced In Veneto
Speciality suitable for vegetarians
Varietal Composition Corvina, rondinella, molinara


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Amicone Rosso Veneto 2012 75cl