La Gioiosa Brut Prosecco Sparkling Wine 75cl

Treviso in north-eastern Italy is home to the best Prosecco wines around. And it’s from the celebrated vineyards of Veneto that this fabulously fizzy Prosecco from La Gioiosa hails. The Moretti Polegato family has been making Prosecco for generations and Treviso itself is well known for being ‘Marca gioiosa et amorosa’ – or joyous and amorous march. This simply means the residents have quite a social life! So, in an effort to keep up wth the locals, why not share their beautiful La Gioiosa Prosecco with your friends and have yourselves a jolly good time.

It’s great on its own and if you want to enjoy it as part of a meal, try it with a fish pie or a lovely light seafood pasta.

Italy’s answer to champagne, this lovely, dry Prosecco is a real lemony mouthful with a hint of almonds to finish off.

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