Chateau Filhot Grand Cru Sauternes

An award winning lusciously sweet desert wine. Honey and orange rind notes on the nose with tropical fruit, orange marmalade and quince on the palate. Delicious and rich. Drink after dinner, with desert or with a mature strong cheese and prepare to be amazed.

Multi award winning Chateau

The Château Filhot was founded in 1709 by Romain de Filhot and is now owned and managed by one of his descendants, Count Henri de Vaucelles.

The estate covers an area of 350 hectares with 62 hectares of vineyard all along the south of the Sauternes village in the Sauternes appellation. In 1855 it was classified as a 2ème Cru Classé.

Chateau Filhot Grand Cru Sauternes is made from grapes grown on a South-West facing hillside just to the South of the village of Sauternes. The grapes are carefully selected, with groups of pickers making several passes through the vineyard to ensure that only the very best and perfectly botrysised grapes are used for the wine. Following fermentation the finished wine is matured in French oak for 2 years before bottling.


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