Yalumba Y-Series Viognier 75 cl

The Yalumba Y Series of varietal wines express the lively personality and colourful 160-plus-year history of the Hill-Smith family of Yalumba, Australia’s oldest family owned winery. These are fresh and flavoursome fruit-driven wine styles of quality and consistency, highlighting the true regional character of South Australia’s most renowned viticultural areas and confirming Yalumba’s reputation as Australia’s finest independent winemaker.

The Viognier depicts vine cuttings. Vine cuttings are the beginnings of a new vineyard, planted after careful sorting, grafting and bundling in our state-of-the-art Yalumba Nursery.

Exotic, luscious, seductive, full-flavoured, musk, spice, apricots, peaches, citrus blossoms, lychees, mysterious and alluring – these are some of the enticing descriptors that the rare Viognier wines attract.

It was on a visit to Condrieu, the home of Viognier in France’s Rhone Valley, that Yalumba’s Peter Wall first encountered Viognier. Once grown extensively south of Lyon, Viognier is now virtually confined to the tiny Condrieu and Cote Rotie regions, with the best wines form Chateau-Grillet, a tiny appellation of Condrieu.

In 1980, Yalumba planted 1.2 hectares of Viognier in the Barossa – Australia’s first commercial Viognier plantings. The Viognier grew quietly for 10 years, allowing the vines time to form regular cropping patterns and giving Yalumba a ‘breaking-in’ period to experiment with the variety. Today, Yalumba has the largest mature Viognier resource and the oldest commercial vines in the Southern Hemisphere. And the winery now has access to around 29 ha of Viognier from a range of viticultural regions.

“Viognier is incredibly challenging and demands handling with kid gloves,” says Yalumba winemaker, Louisa Rose. “It’s unpredictable, difficult to grow and the yields are low. The variety always has the ability to surprise you – one day the grapes on the vine are dull and flavourless yet the very next day there’ll be the explosion of musky apricot characters that make it so appealing.”

Yalumba makes four Viognier white wines – the fresh and citrusy Y Series Viognier, the Eden Valley Viognier, which is made in an ‘up-front’ style in terms of fruit flavour, with immediate varietal expression for early drinking. ‘The Virgilius’ is Yalumba’s ‘super-Viognier’, a benchmark wine made using grapes from the older vines with the ability to benefit from bottle maturation. Also made by Yalumba is a Noble Pick Botrytis Viognier – a unique, and luscious dessert style wine.


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