Cinzano Rosso 75cl

Cinzano Rosso is dark red in colour and wrapped in intense, yet delicious flavours. It’s exciting, rich and daring. Around the world it is enjoyed neat over ice. A simple, yet delicious mix of Cinzano Rosso and apple juice with a dash of cinnamon is loved by all. It’s easy going with Cinzano mix it up with your favourite mixer such as lemonade, juice or soda water. Alternatively, get creative and try one of our recommended Rosso cocktails. It is amber brown in colour. Velvety spiced vanilla with sweet floral and red berry memories introducing an herbal and wine finish. Initial spiced notes rounded by a fruity sweetness. In the end, pleasant bitter notes, typical of Artemisia and caramel with long lasting aftertaste. Although we love it pure or on the rocks, Cinzano is the versatile basis for some of the most famous cocktails in the world.

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