Alize Rose Passion 70cl

The big 21 is always a rite of passage. When Alizé came of age, it was a momentous occasion. To celebrate they released Alizé Rose Passion, a premium liqueur with a brand new taste, look and feel; it’s a drink that has everything coming up Roses.

Alizé Rose Passion is a delectable blend of premium French vodka, Alizé VS Cognac, exotic passion fruit, strawberries, litchis and most extraordinarily – rose petals. The fusion of litchis and strawberries in this exotic blend adds just the right hints of flavour resulting in a sensational explosion of the taste buds. The inspiration for Alizé Rose comes from the Pink Château and opulent antique rose garden at Château Loudenne in France. A perennial symbol of love and romance, the rose is an extraordinary flower that defines the essence of Alizé Rose. The roses used in Alizé Rose are imported from the Mediterranean region where the best and most respected perfumeries handpick the flowers for their fragrances.

Now release your passion and serve delicious Alizé Rose Passion on the rocks, mixed with champagne or in seductive cocktails such as:

‘The Ginger Rose Martini’ – developed by the mixologists at Alizé as a signature cocktail, simply mix Alizé Rose with ginger ale.

Or why not try the ‘Precious Martini’ – 2 parts Alizé Rose, 1 part Grey Goose La Vanille and 2 parts lemonade.

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